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Hotel Araiza is property of the company Vision Hotelera S.A de C.V, (furthermore “el Hotel”), a corporation under the law of the United Mexican States, with the address Boulevard Benito Juárez number 2220, Jardines de Valle, postal code 21270, in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, México. Our main target is to provide our users with great satisfaction with our web services.

The accessibility to the website https://www.araizahoteles.com/ (furthermore “the Website”), will be for the public use, as for this reason the Hotel will not add unexcused or improper preferences; or any form of discrimination to the Users engaging with the service.

Acceptable Usage Policy

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Legal Requirements

We are reserved with the right to share the personal information of the User contained on the Website if a court of law or a tribunal request to file it to an official government entity, or if it is used to act in accordance with the law to protect and secure our rights, in order with the active laws and legislations. Along with this mentioned, we have the reserved right to keep the personal information collected and handle the information according to the accounting principles, tribunal laws and with any other law associated with data keeping.


By accessing this Website you will also be connected to websites managed by 3rd parties that have also hired this type of service, if you select a link within our website or any other site, it is important to check the Privacy Policy of the specific website you will be navigating, since our responsibility is limited towards our own practices of information keeping, we are not held responsible for the Privacy policies of other websites involving 3rd parties or from our service providers when you send personal information directly to these sites.


In our Website a software with a secure SSL connection is used with an encryption from up to 128 bits to encrypt the information our Users provide, if your browser is compatible with SSL the majority of your information from the browser used will be encrypted, this is easy to confirm since it is allowed for view at the inferior part of our Website.

The Hotel and our service providers maintain the personal information delivered under protected databases within a combination of physical security measures and technological, in any case, it is possible that the security measures are not enough to prevent loses, misuse, or alterations of it. We are not responsible for legal obligations or damages related to these situations, in the maximum law measures allowed.


The Company is obliged to protect and safely keep the confidentiality of our Users personal information provided, additionally the delicate data that could be accessed, in accordance and attainment with the established Federal Law with the title: Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares.

The User will be able to check the Privacy Policy in the Website, within the next provided link: www.araizahoteles.com/privacy-policy following this, the User counts with the access rights, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to the use of these (ARCO) and will be able to modify or revoke the consent previously given for the data usage and in general, make any question or suggestion on the relation within.


The rights of intellectual property, author rights, industrial property, distinctive signs and domains of the Webpages or from the Website, as in for the usage rights and exploitation of these, including the declarative although not limited, the divulgence, publication, reproduction, distribution, and transformation, are exclusive right and property of Hoteles del Occidente, S.A de C.V. The User does not acquire none of the intellectual, author and/or industrial property rights for using or accessing the services provided in the Website, and it will not be considered at any moment an authorised action or licence to use the Website in any way that is not stated in the Terms & Conditions of it.


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The user accepts to withdraw and/or detach the Hotel from any form of responsibility from any lawsuit, loss, responsibility, claim, or expense including attorneys or lawyers fees, that 3rd parties make against as a consequence of, from, or in relation with the use of the webpage or any of the services provided on the Website.

In the major measure allowed by the current law, the Hotel will not be held responsible in any case for direct damages, punitive, incidental, special, derived from or consequent, included, within others, damages from benefit loss, goodwill, usage, data, or other intangible losses, that might present or might be related with the use or the impossibility of the service usage.


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