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Araiza Diamante

What's Araiza Diamante?

Araiza Diamante is the complete transformation of past Araiza Hoteles loyalty programs currently managed by Araiza Hoteles.

Club Araiza: Loyalty and rewards programs.

Ms. Araiza: Loyalty program exclusively for women.

It is intended to unify the benefits of our past programs. Creating, Araiza Diamante, the new competitive  & developed program for our  loyal members. Allowing them to generate points when consuming in any of our restaurants, bars and by stay.


Offer recognition and benefits to the company's clients at a corporate level, always exceeding their expectations, achieving genuine loyalty to the company.


To be recognized regionally as the most competitive reward program

Our Values

Honesty, Quality, Competitiveness, Loyalty.

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How to Accumulate Points

The benefits of Araiza Diamante are determined by the number of points accumulated using the program. 10 points will be earned by every $1.00 MXN (one Mexican peso) spend in every establishment of Araiza Hoteles.

Taxes paid will not be consider for your points earned in the Araiza Diamante program.

Know The Different Levels & Benefits We Have For You.

Benefits By Level.

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Browse Our Rewards Catalogue

Enjoy the benefits of being a member of Araiza Diamanate.

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Reward Request

By being one of our distinguished members you can exchange your points for great rewards. Request them and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Araiza Diamante.